A/V as a Service

The Future of Audio Visual systems and customer support

Why a service plan for A/V systems?

We’ve seen a huge shift in the office with more and more meetings being virtual. Not just for safety reasons but also because teams are growing outside of the physical office at an unprecedented rate. In order to keep up with this outward expansion, companies have turned to implementing technology that effortlessly supports these virtual meetings and work environments. We continually research and implement state of the art systems to make companies succeed no matter where their team is on the planet. 

Benefits of an A/V Service Plan

Priority Remote Support

Whether its just a computer freaking out or an issue with your lighting controller that you need someone to walk through the trouble shooting process with you, this is all part of our priority remote support.

Fast in person service calls

No more waiting a week or more for someone to get to you and fix your system. Our service packages all include fast onsite response times.

Less system downtime

When your system goes down it can mean the end of an event and the disappointment of all in attendance. We have service packages that included regular system heath checkups to make sure your system is always in tip top shape.

Be prepared for the future

When we setup your custom service plan we design it to be ready for what’s next. We never lock you in to a single system or proprietary equipment. When its time to upgrade again you’ll be ready

Some Service Plan Options



Billed Monthly

  • Extended hours chat and email support.
  • Discounted phone support option.
  • System engineer on site within 5 days at a discounted rate.
  • Discounted regular system health checkup.



Billed Monthly

  • Extended hours + Weekend phone and chat support.
  • No cost system engineer on site within 72 hours.
  • Yearly system health checkups at no cost.



Billed Monthly

  • 24/7 priority phone and chat support.
  • No cost system engineer on site within 12-24 hours.
  • Expedited replacement parts.
  • 6-month system health Checkups at no cost.

Average A/V System Statistics

Life of an A/V System



Relevancy of an A/V System



On site service response time



Downtime after tech issues



Mark AVL is 


the statistics

Enrolling in a Mark AVL service or upgrade plan will help you make sure your system never exceeded is acceptable life span or becomes obsolete and irrelevant. You also will always receive fast and convenient service response times when problems come up, guaranteeing your system downtime is extremely low.

Benefits of an A/V Upgrade Plan

Greater Progressive QSC amp Rack

Custom designed systems

Despite being a prescribed plan we still prioritize getting you a solution that is custom tailored to fit your space perfectly. Just like every venue is not the same neither are the systems that go in them.

Church service from sound booth perspective

Ultimate support included

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Our ultimate support plan is included in all of our upgrade packages. This is just another of the many benefits of purchasing an upgrade package

Always stay up to date

Technology changes incredibly fast and the average relevancy of a sound system is 5-7 years at most. Make sure your system is always in tip top shape by taking the hassle out of the upgrade. Leading up to your upgrade date we will be preparing plans so you don’t even have to think about it. 

Want some examples?

Let’s Talk

The plan details are fairly straight forward but each system we design for you is totally custom to your needs. This means showing you an example of someone else’s system and pricing would be somewhat misleading. We want to make sure you get the closest idea of what your system and pricing would look like. Feel free to email, call, or fill out the online form to get a no cost, no obligation meeting with one of our system consultants to see what Mark AVL

There is no better time to upgrade your audio-visual system

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